CIA greatest concentration of talent and capability: David Petraeus

WASHINGTON: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the "greatest" concentration of talent and capabilities that the US has, the spy agency's director, David Petraeus has said.

Petraeus said this in a town hall with the agency staff after he was sworn in as the CIA's 20th director by the vice-president, Joe Biden.

"I have the absolute highest regard for you and for this Agency. I believe it's one of the greatest concentrations of talent and capability that our country has," Petraeus said in his address to the Agency's global workforce from the auditorium at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

In his speech, Petraeus emphasised importance of independent analysis, agile operations, and cutting-edge technology in meeting the challenges of the Agency's worldwide mission.

"I respect the intellectual firepower as well as the courage, initiative, and selfless commitment that are the hallmarks of this organisation. And I truly feel very privileged to be part of such a legendary institution," he said.

Petraeus answered questions from the standing-room-only crowd about topics such as his leadership style, his goals for the Agency, and the CIA's relationship with partner agencies around the Intelligence Community.
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