US Army's new Taliban-hunting super weapon revealed

New York, Apr.7 : The US Army has revealed that it has a new super weapon that can effectively hunt down and target the Taliban in Afghanistan

The weapon is a small precision grenade that flies just above the enemy and suddenly explodes, taking the target down.

According to ABC News, the army''s next generation grenade rifle system has been used in several real firefights in Afghanistan. The experimental XM-25 is lovingly referred to as "The Punisher."

The video, released by the Army and posted on, is the closest look yet at the XM-25 and demonstrates not only the weapon''s ability to detonate a grenade at a precise, preprogrammed distance, potentially eliminating enemies'' ability to hide behind cover, but also its high-tech sighting system and various ammunition loads.

Five prototypes of the rifles have already seen combat in nine operational missions in Afghanistan as part of what the military called a "forward operational assessment" of the weapon.

There, they helped soldiers put a quicker end to deadly firefights, according to a February report by the military.
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