Nuclear Submarine Secrets Spilled In Internet Error

Nuclear Sub Internet Error

An Internet error recently exposed military secrets to the public, according to the BBC.
The blunder occurred when an improperly censored military document about the U.K.'s nuclear submarines appeared on a Parliament website.
Although portions of the partially classified document were blacked-out for security, merely copying and pasting from the document revealed the restricted words, the BBC reports.
The file was meant to inform the public that some submarines' nuclear reactors were "potentially vulnerable" to meltdown. However, the leaked information reportedly revealed startling details about how an on-board nuclear disaster might occur and how prepared the fleet would be to cope with such circumstances.
"The censored sections also discuss ways American subs deal with on-board disasters and reveal they are twice as safe as ours in key areas," writes the Daily Star.
The Ministry of Defense admitted fault for the data breach, calling it a "schoolboy error."
“This is hugely embarrassing. Whoever is responsible should be sacked. The ­Americans will be furious their procedures have been exposed," a senior MoD official said, according to the Daily Star.
“All our enemies are trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons and materials and any information in this ­document would be hugely interesting to them and potentially catastrophic,” a Conservative Parliament member and former Army officer told the Daily Star.
The compromised document has been removed and replaced with a correctly censored version. (via BBC)
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