Libyan envoy calls for 'courageous resolution' from UNSC's ambassador to the UN, Mohamed Shalgam broke down into tears after denouncing the country's leader Moammar Gaddafi and called for a "courageous resolution" from the Security Council to save Libya.

Noting that Gaddafi and his sons were giving Libyans "either I rule you or I kill you" ultimatum, Shalgam, while briefing an open meeting of the Security Council yesterday, urged the Council, "We need a courageous resolution from you."

"It is important for us, for the Libyan people that the Security Council should have now real decision to stop what's going on in our country -- the bloodshed," Shalgam told media after the meeting.

"And I hope that in hours not days, they can do something tangible and effective to stop what they are doing there Gaddafi and his sons against our people," he said.

Shalgam told the Council that Gaddafi in a speech had said that Libya would turn "red because of blood".

Shalgham made the statement as the Security Council held a closed-door consultation on Friday on a draft resolution, prepared by France, the UK, Germany and the US, to take action against the Libyan leadership for its brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protestors.

The options against Libya include economic sanctions, travel bans, asset freezes, establishing a no-fly zone and even referring it to the International Criminal Court.

After Shalgam finished speaking, Libya's deputy ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim Dabbashi, who had already spoken out against Gaddafi, tearfully hugged his boss.

Later, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and several other officials embraced both the Libyan diplomats who have now publicly defected from Gaddafi's regime.

"We have just witnessed an extraordinary scene in the Security Council ? a truly historical moment...The Libyan Ambassador delivered an impassioned plea for our help," Ban told journalists.

The French envoy to the UN, G?rard Araud, said "What happened with the Libyan permanent representative was a historical moment...the way all the Arab and African ambassadors have rushed to congratulate him to hug him."

"I think it was a very momentous moment. Very often, we are told that it is the West which is pressing for interference in internal affairs," he said, adding that "no way" were the events in Libya "internal".

The Libyan diplomats at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva also staged a public defection yesterday.

The 47-nation body passed a resolution condemning the violence against the civilian population and calling for the suspension of Libya's membership in the Council.

This decision now needs to be approved by two-thirds of the 192-member General Assembly.
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