US drones kill 10 Taliban militants

US Drone attack
US Drone attack

US drones targeted the Taliban four times in the volatile North Waziristan tribal region of northwest Pakistan on Wednesday, killing at least 10 militants, security officials said.
The unmanned spy planes fired at least seven missiles during the strikes, targeting a house and a vehicle. The dead militants were linked to the Taliban and al-Qaeda, the officials said.

In the first strike, a drone fired two missiles at a house in Latakka area of Datta Khel sub-division, 30 km southeast of Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan Agency. Three militants were killed in the strike that occurred at 8.45 pm.

After about five minutes, a drone fired two missiles at a vehicle parked near the house, killing two militants.

The third strike targeted a vehicle while the same house was targeted again in the fourth attack. Five more militants were killed in these strikes. The last two attacks occurred just after 9 pm.
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