Lebanon responsible for deadly firefight, says Israel

Lebanon responsible for deadly firefight, says IsraelIsraeli officials have said that photographs show Israeli soldiers were on their own side of the border when Lebanese troops fired at them on Tuesday.
The Jerusalem Post has reported that the firefight, the first serious clash on the border since Israeli troops invaded southern Lebanon in 2006, resulted in the death of one Israeli soldier and four Lebanese. At least three Lebanese soldiers and a Lebanese journalist were killed and a number of other soldiers and civilians were injured, reports from Lebanon said.
Israel would respond with force to ceasefire violations, said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Maj. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot. who heads Northern Command, told reporters on Tuesday afternoon Lebanon engaged in a "deliberate ambush."
Netanyahu said, "I hold the Lebanese government directly responsible for this provocation."
The violence erupted after its soldiers opened fire on an Israeli army patrol allegedly uprooting a tree inside Lebanese territory, Lebanese media has reported. Lebanon's state run National News Agency said the exchanges began after Israeli troops tried to install surveillance cameras near the south Lebanese village of Adaysseh.
Israel responded with artillery fire. A tank shell hit a Lebanese army armored vehicle setting it afire. Several buildings in the south Lebanon village were damaged.
It has also been reported that Lebanese President Michel Suleiman called on the country to "stand up to Israel's violation of U. N. Resolution 1701, whatever the cost."
The report further noted that the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon tried to contain the situation and called on both sides to exhibit restraint. UNIFIL spokesperson Neeraj Singh confirmed there had been an exchange of fire along the Blue Line, the border demarcation between Israel and Lebanon. (With Inputs from Agencies)
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