Russian company selling cruise missile in a shipping box

London: A Russian company’s decision to market a cruise missile that can be launched from a shipping container, has led defence experts to warn of a new danger of ballistic weapons proliferation.

It is feared that the covert Club-K missile attack system could prove "game-changing" in fighting wars with small countries, which would gain a remote capacity to mount multiple missiles on boats, trucks or railways.

According to The Telegraph, Iran and Venezuela have already shown an interest in the Club-K Container Missile System.

Defence experts say the system is designed to be concealed as a standard 40 foot shipping container that cannot be identified until it is activated.

Priced at an estimated GBP 10 million, each container is fitted with four cruise anti-ship or land attack missiles. The system represents an affordable "strategic level weapon".

Club-K is being marketed at the Defence Services Asia exhibition in Malaysia this week.

Novator, the manufacturer, is an advanced missile specialist that would not have marketed the system without Moscow's approval. It has released an emotive marketing film complete with dramatic background music.
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