Rising number of Westerners attending paramilitary training camps

A RISING number of Western recruits are travelling to Afghanistan and Pakistan to attend paramilitary training camps for militant Islamists.
Citing unnamed US and European counterterrorism officials, The Washington Post said the flow of recruits has continued unabated in spite of an intensified campaign over the past year by the CIA to eliminate Al-Qa'ida and Taliban commanders in drone missile attacks.

Since January, at least 30 recruits from Germany have travelled to Pakistan for training, said the report, which cited German security sources.

About 10 people have returned to Germany this year, fuelling concerns that fresh plots are in the works against European targets, the paper said.

“We think this is sufficient to show how serious the threat is,” The Post quotes a senior German counterterrorism official as saying.

German security services have been on high alert since last month, when groups affiliated with the Taliban and al-Qa'ida issued several videos warning that an attack on German targets was imminent if the government did not bring home its forces from Afghanistan, the paper noted.

There are about 3800 German troops in the country, the third-largest NATO contingent after those of the United States and Britain.

German officials say Taliban and Al-Qa'ida leaders are trying to exploit domestic opposition in Germany to the war, The Post noted.
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