Americans divided over 'war on terror' in Afghanistan, reveals poll

London, Sep.23 : A latest opinion poll has revealed that Americans are divided over the US led 'war on terror' in Afghanistan.

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The issue which emerged as one of the most important factors during Barack Obama's election campaign is slowly losing its political importance much like Iraq, the poll has revealed.

According to the latest FOX News poll, about 51 percent of the Americans approve of Obama's Afghan policy, while almost one-third are not happy with the President's strategy regarding the eight year long war.

Seventeen percent people do not have any views on the topic.

Regarding their overall view of the war in Afghanistan, while 46 percent support it, an equal number of Americans, 45 percent, oppose it.

While surprisingly members of Obama's own Democratic Party oppose the war by a nearly a two-to-one margin, (62 percent to 33 percent), 66 percent Republicans support it.

When asked that whether they supported the idea of sending more troops to Afghanistan, half of the Americans (50 percent) opposed it, while 41 percent people supported the view.
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