India in the Sino-Indian territorial issues angered the Chinese Internet users to play with fire!

印度在中印领土问题上玩火 激怒中国网民!
(Printed in China and India will deploy a large number of border checks and balances in China Su-30. Data: Indian Air Force active-duty multi-purpose fighter Su-30MKI

     Global Times special correspondent in India Xiao Lei is reported that in recent days, India moves continuously, one after another provocation to China's sovereignty. First announced the so-called "Arunachal Pradesh" (China's Tibetan South) 50000 -6 million troops, but also announced the deployment of its northeastern border Su -30 fighter planes and more. Then, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, adding that the issue of territory to the Chinese will never compromise. Chinese experts said that India in this series of moves to undermine the trust between China and India, would seriously damage relations between the two countries. At the same time, China's Internet users in India it is also very angry.

     Global network of 10 surveys conducted by more than 90% of Internet users believe that the move to send more troops to India posed a threat to China; about 55% of Internet users believe that the issue of frequent anti-China voices in India to cater to the interests of international anti-China groups, To gain more political capital of India, while about 33% of users think it is hostile to China and India a true reflection of the mentality, there are about 12% of users believe that this is India's new government took office, in order to consolidate the power of playing a political maneuver. About 65% of Chinese netizens believe that the frequent provocation of China, India, the biggest loss will be India's own. In addition, about 72% of users believe that China should not be at all costs to safeguard Sino-Indian friendship. On how to punish India on this issue, about 76% of users believe that support should be open or ambiguous in India anti-government forces, will certainly not support the choice of less than 19%.

     Global Netizen commented that China's neighboring countries to deal with malicious provocation showed that hard-line position, otherwise the future will be similar to more and more trouble, more passive. User also commented that "the Government of India playing 'both sides' approach, both from the' Sino-Indian friendship 'in the benefits of fish, but also wants its hegemony, but also with other countries of collusion between hegemony, which is its in real terms. Today's India is not our wishful thinking has been envisaged in the Non-Aligned India! "

     Some netizens said that China must be tough at all to strengthen the western military forces, to strengthen border defense, to deal with "security threat." Some Internet users also said that China should first economic power, waiting for an opportunity to recover the land.

     Asia-Pacific Studies Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Deputy of the Sun Shihai of "Global Times" reporter said that, before the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the issue of possession of the South, then take tough action as well as the troops are trying to show their issues at the border "will and determination" to the country, China and the international community to see. However, India should insist on the way to negotiations with China to resolve border disputes.

     DAI well-known military expert in the "Global Times" reporter, said that while India is the world's attention shifted to the test by North Korea in Northeast Asia, the looting in the Sino-Indian border, will have serious implications for Sino-Indian relations.

     DAI said that the Indian troops destroyed a large-scale Sino-Indian trust between the two countries, it is very shameful act of hostility, as well as China and India to improve relations between the two countries cast a shadow over.
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