UK military aid Korean nuclear investigation

VC10 aircraft on its way to Asia to help investigations into weapons tests ordered by Kim Jong II on country's east coast

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il acknowledging applause from soldiers as he inspects the Korean People's Army Unit 1286
A British military aircraft is on its way to North Korea to aid investigations in to the strength of this week's nuclear bomb test.

The underground blast which took place on Monday has received worldwide criticism and increased international tensions with the communist country, with America confirming it would act quickly if a military threat was posed.
North Korea also fired two short-range missiles from base on the country's east coast and leader Kim Jong-il has announced he was scrapping the peace treaty which ended the Korean War in July 1953.
Examinations are underway to determine the power of the nuclear explosion and the type of material that was used.
The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that a VC10 tanker plane, which is used for air-to-air refuelling, had been sent to Japan to help with the investigations.
A spokesman said: “Following the recent events in North Korea and to support the international community’s efforts during this time of increased political tension, we can confirm that the UK is supporting in the associated verification efforts by deploying a VC10 aircraft to Kadena airforce base in Japan."
US defence secretary Robert Gates told a security conference in Singapore today that "genuinely tough sanctions" were needed to control North Korea.
“We will not stand idly by as North Korea builds the capability to wreak destruction on any target in the region, or on us,” he said.
Gates also branded the nuclear programme a “harbinger of a dark future". The US currently has 28,500 troops based in neighbouring South Korea
Earlier this week the Korean military threatened war if there was interference with its weapons testing programme.
A statement by the Korean People’s Army said: “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has tremendous military muscle and its own method of strike is able to conquer any targets in its vicinity at one stroke or hit the US on the raw.
“Those who provoke the DPRK once will not be able to escape its unimaginable and merciless punishment."
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