Iran is a threat to the entire world: Israel defense minister

Jerusalem, Apr 28 : Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak has described Iran as the country posing the most central threat not only to the Jewish state, but also to the entire world.

"Iran was "a threat to the entire world, as it is interested in changing the entire international order and is a source of instability in the Middle East and throughout the world," the Jerusalem Post quoted Barak, as saying.
When asked about overtures made by US President Barack Obama, Barak said that while Israel was "not in a position" to demand that the US not engage in talks with Iran, it was "certainly in a position to tell the international community to limit the diplomatic efforts within a set time frame and to have sanctions ready."

The defense minister hinted that Israel was not ruling out a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities,saying that "Israel is prepared for all the options."

Asked about his position regarding possible peace talks with Syria, Barak stated that while it may not yet be possible to reach a peace agreement with Assad, he believed that "Syria should be on the list of countries with which Israel engages in negotiations, not in war."
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