Growth of Chinese Navy not surprising: US Admiral

New Delhi, Apr 20: The growth of the Chinese Navy is in line with its economy and “it’s no surprise to see it develop the way that it has,” a top US naval officer has said.
“The advancement and growth of the PLA navy is consistent with China’s economic advancement and its role in a globalised world,” said Admiral Gary Roughead, US Chief of Naval Operations.
Admiral Roughead told reporters in Beijing that China’s plan to build its first aircraft carrier is not a cause of worry.
“There has been no doubt in my mind that the acquisition of an aircraft carrier and carrier aviation was something that was clearly an ambition and an objective of the PLA Navy,” the China Daily quoted him, as saying.
“The advent of an aircraft carrier on the part of the PLA navy, to me, really doesn’t change the nature of our operations at all,” Admiral Roughead added.
The US Navy Chief, who met his Chinese counterpart Wu Shengli on Saturday, emphasized the importance of military exchanges between the two countries.
Tensions between the United States and China rose last month over an incident in the South China Sea.
The US claimed five Chinese ships had harassed USNS Impeccable in international waters on March 8. But China said the ship was on Chinese waters and had violated international and Chinese laws.
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